World Of Knowledge

The Parent Booster Organization is a group of dedicated parent volunteers that have the children and school’s best interest at heart.  We are here to help provide safety, security, physical well-being, and materials to the classrooms that the children need in order to have the best experiences here at World of Knowledge. We do this by fundraising and volunteering our time to the school.

The money raised over the years have been able to provide the following:

  • Camera Security System for the entire campus and in each classroom
  • Shade screens for added shade on the playground
  • Habitats for classroom pets
  • Classroom Gifts
  • New Security coded front gate (each family has their own code)
  • Mulch and Sand for the playground
  • Lighting on school grounds
  • Updated desks and chairs
  • Basketball court
  • Sprinkler system for our garden

On an ongoing basis we provide:

  • Classroom Gifts
  • Social Events
  • Art Projects
  • Earth Day

Future Projects include:

  • Transportation Vehicle
  • Closed circuit broadcasting system in each classroom
  • New fencing around entire school
  • Updating electronics
  • Updating classroom materials
  • Updating outdoor playground equipment
  • Updating / Expanding buildings
  • And much much more!

Everything provided here is due to the wonderful support of our fundraisers and generous donations from our families and staff here at World of Knowledge. We thank you all for your dedication and support.

Thank you,

The Parent Booster Organization Board