World Of Knowledge

  • Meet Ms. Sue
  •      Mrs. Suamy Rivera graduated from Keiser University in 2019.  She came to us from teaching in her country of Honduras, where         she taught 3rd and 4th Grade students for almost 2 years.  This will be her first year teaching in the US.  She also taught                 Sunday School classes at her church with kids ranging in ages from 5 to 15.  We are very excited to have such a fun and positive       teacher join our WOK Staff Family.  “I am grateful for World of Knowledge giving me the opportunity to educate young minds           and be part of this community.  It is an honor and I am looking forward to this upcoming year!” – Suamy Rivera

  • Meet Mrs. Corteo
  •      Mrs. Corteo started out working 3 and a half days as a volunteer in our then Kindergarten through 3rd Grade classroom.  She           was in charge of grading homework, going over mistakes made and giving them their spelling tests.  At the end of the year, Mrs.       Hensley (original co-owner / Kindergarten through 3rd Grade teacher) offered her a position and it was accepted.  Mrs. Corteo         said, “I really enjoyed this age group because they are so eager to learn!! Mrs. Corteo stayed in that classroom for 7 years.  She         ended up leaving her position to spend more time with her then high school son.  Once he graduated, Mrs. Corteo came back, 
  •      this time working in the Upper Elementary classroom with Mrs. Gilmore (the other original co-owner).  It was more challenging         and felt like she learned a great deal from that class.  Mrs. Gilmore and Mrs. Corteo were a great fit and ended up working               together for 15 years until Mrs. Gilmore retired.  Mrs. Corteo also had a passion for the arts and directed our plays, two that she         did were Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz, which was put on by our students.  These were great experiences for her and the               children she worked with.  In 2019, Mrs. Corteo decided it was time for her to retire.  She quickly came back as a volunteer and         worked with Ms. Irby in our Upper Elementary classroom.  The following October 2020, we reached out to Mrs. Corteo to see if 
  •      she would help us in our Middle School classroom as an assistant.  She accepted and was a vital part of our Middle School               learning experience.  In 2021, Mrs. Corteo is now back in our Upper Elementary class as an assistant to Mrs. Rivera.  She is a joy       to have around and extremely helpful in all that she does.  Mrs. River and Mrs. Corteo have a wonderful connection and work           very well together.  “I have learned so much over the years and I’m grateful to the teachers, staff and the students for what they       have brought to my life.” – Says Mrs. Corteo