World Of Knowledge

  • Meet Mr. Williams – LHS (Lower High School) Teacher – 9th / 10th Grade
  •      Mr. Williams came to us as a Assistant Football Coach, he also inquired about a position in our teaching staff but did not have         anything available at that time.  Shortly after we met him, a position opened up on our teaching staff as a Middle School                 Teacher.  He fit right in.  Since then, he has been moved up to our Lower High School Teacher for our 9th / 10th Grade Teacher           and has continued as an Assistant Football Coach.  He comes to us with 15+ years of coaching experience as a defensive                   coordinator, 2 years of experience as an Assistant Head Coach / Linebacker Coach.  He has 3+ years of teaching ESE student             Mathematics.  

  • Meet Mr. Snyder – UHS (Upper High School) Teacher – 11th / 12th Grade
  •      Mr. Snyder is a 1984 graduate of Gulf High School and raised in New Port Richey, Florida.  He is retired from the United States           Air Force honorably after 21 years of service.  He began as a Military Policeman.  He launched his teaching career after becoming       a Military Training Instructor.  He was responsible for the training of young men and women entering Basic Training.  Training         over 1000 Airman during his 3 year tenure at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.  Later becoming a Master Instructor as an                 Aircrew Life Support and Survival Instructor while teaching Fighter Pilots Ejecting, Parachuting and Survival Procedures.  Upon         retiring and entering civilian life, he returns home to New Port Richey, Fl.  
  •      He is a 2010 A.A graduate of Pasco-Hernando Community College and a 2014 B.A. Sport Business graduate of Saint Leo                     University.  
  •      In 2016, he started his Teacher Certification program offered through Pasco County School Social Studies.  He then began                   teaching at Chasco Middle School in Port Richey as a permanent substitute and became a full time teacher in technology                 education.  In 2017, he began teaching 7th grade Civics, where he was rated as Highly Effective for four consecutive years.  While       at Chasco, he became the Head Basketball and Football Coach, Athletic Director and Athletics Business Manager.
  •      He became part of the WOK family this year as our Upper High School (UHS) Teacher for our 11th and 12th Grade students.  He         has a passion for teaching not only curriculum base education but life lessons.  These students are about to enter a world of the       unknown and the reality of becoming a real adult by continuing their education in college or entering the work force.  “I try to           prepare them for success with real world facts and situations.  I care for each of them and want them to be successful.  I have           served my country and now serving my community here at World of Knowledge.” – Mr. Snyder