World Of Knowledge

                                                                             “Children become like the things they love.” – Maria Montessori

The Elementary Programs at World of Knowledge are divided into the following programs:

  • Lower Elementary – 2nd through 4th grade
  • Upper Elementary – 4th through 6th grade

The subjects covered in our elementary program are:

  • Language
  •      Vocabulary
  •      Reading
  •      Spelling
  •      Composition
  • Mathematics –
  •      General Mathematics
  •      Fractions
  •      Geometry
  • Sciences –
  •      General Science
  •      Zoology
  •      Botany
  • History – 
  •      Geography
  •      General History
  •      4th Grade – Florida History
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Courtesy
  • Behavior

The Montessori elementary classrooms embodies freedom with responsibility. However, the elementary plan goes beyond the narrow concept of developing the child’s intelligence. In addition to intellectual achievement, Maria Montessori believed that education must help the student develop a sense of themselves and their place in the world community.

To further this aim, it is traditional for our elementary classes to take a field trip each month. The field trips are designed to foster cultural awareness as well as community involvement. As the child progresses in age and confidence, the field trips evolve in destination and complexity.

Parent involvement at the elementary level is greatly encouraged. By helping on field trips and in the classroom, parents optimize their ability to help their child build a strong base for the turbulent adolescent years ahead.