World Of Knowledge

The Middle School Classroom

The middle school offers a curriculum designed to provide opportunities for adolescents to be self-confident and gain self-knowledge, to belong to a community, to learn to be adaptable, to be academically competent and challenged and to create a vision of their personal future. The student-centered environment, where the teacher is a facilitator of meaningful and challenging work, encourages active, self-directed learning in the class, school, city and global community.

The student centered environment, where the teacher is a facilitator for meaningful and challenging work, encourages active, self directed learners in the class, school, city and global community.  

General Academic Goals

The curriculum includes a variety of aspects to enable the student to become self-disciplined and individually motivated academically. This curriculum includes the following:

  • Language Arts
  •      Spelling
  •      Vocabulary
  •      Reading
  • Mathematics
  •      Pre-Algebra
  • Art / Art History
  • Civics
  • Environmental Science
  • Music Appreciation
  • Physical Education

All Middle School students have the opportunity to explore alternative course work outside of the general curriculum with the following are areas of current study:

  • Spanish -fundamental skills and history of the language.
  • Speech – Each student will be required to produce and present speeches.  Students will be able to: present relevant information in required time span, present information from memory using few prompts, communicate information accurately and thoroughly.
  • Home Economics – Each student will learn the fundamentals of sewing, light cooking and housekeeping.

  • Students will also learn:
  • how to develop strategies
  • personal learning plans
  • activities for learning economic independence
  • activities to foster interdependence
  • activities that value all nine intelligences and a variety of learning styles
  • long-term cooperative learning projects
  • communication and active listening exercises
  • development of time management skills
  • various electives