World Of Knowledge

“The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.” – Maria Montessori

Bringing active learning Outdoors!

One of the greatest assets we have at our school is our Garden! Children love the outdoors and with gardening we can actually teach our children about basic skills that are useful in preparing them for challenges throughout life. These skills include responsibility, self-confidence, and observational skills. Also, gardening is a great way for teachers and children to spend quality time with each other and to incorporate hands on learning with botany lessons in the classroom. Our students are taught responsibility through gardening by preparing soil, sowing seeds, removing weeds, watering and harvesting the crops. Sharing these responsibilities encourages the children to become caring individuals. The level of care given to the plants will have a direct effect of the production of the crops, providing real life lessons in gardening.

Children will learn observational skills as they witness first hand how weather affects plants, how seeds sprout and grow, and how insects play a role in the harvest. The ecosystem in the garden can be observed as worms break down organic matter in compost, making the soil more fertile for plant production. Observing the process of change in the garden encourages children to be patient and anticipate growth rather than expect immediate gratification.

And what better way is there to promote a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, and herbs than to teach a child to grow his own?!