World Of Knowledge

  • Meet Mrs. Janice
  •      Mrs. Janice Horn began her journey at World of Knowledge as a parent.  Modest and family-oriented, World of Knowledge was exactly what she was looking for and the perfect fit for her three children.  Her daughter started Kindergarten in 1996 with her first son following suit four years later in the Pre-School Program.  Over the years, she grew closer to the school, becoming involved with field trips, book fairs, carnivals and various events and activities that were available.  Janice became an assistant teacher soon after her second son turned three and started Pre-school at World of Knowledge.  Four years later, she completed her Montessori Training for 3-6 years old.  Shortly after receiving her Montessori diploma, she received her own classroom.  She started out teaching Pre-school, then VPK and for the past five years, she has been teaching Kindergarten and First Grade class.  As this school year begins, Mrs. Janice will mark her 20th year of teaching at World of Knowledge.  We are blessed to have such a dedicated teacher on our staff.  When Ms. Janice is not writing lesson plans or preparing learning materials, you can find her at the beach with her family, traveling the country ever so often (she has been to over 20 other states and Canada) or nibbling on some chocolate (her favorite!) “They say time flies when you’re having fun and I completely agree.” “Montessori is such a wonderful way to learn and even after so much time with World of Knowledge as both parent and as a teacher, I still believe and love the process.” – Ms. Janice