Welcome Letter


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Dear Parents,

WELCOME BACK!!!!  We have missed all of you and are exciting to meet all of our new families.

Just a few reminders to help the school year run smoothly.

  • For the safety of our children, PLEASE DO NOT PARK in front of the school, there is ample parking in our parking lot.  If you park in front of the school, you will be asked to move your vehicle.
  • The “round about” is for DROPPING OFF ONLY, please do not park and leave your care unattended.  The “round about” is for dropping off and going ONLY!  If you have to get out of your vehicle, please park in our parking lot and come inside.  If you park in the “round about”, you will be asked to move your vehicle.
  • We offer hot lunch on Thursday’s ONLY, which is our SUBWAY day.  Cost is $4.00.  You must keep your hot lunch balance paid weekly.  If you should forget lunch for your child, we will do our best to get lunch ordered for them.  However, if we cannot get your child a lunch at our local restaurant, we will give your child peanut butter crackers, fruit and a drink.  We do have water available from our water coolers, please pack your child a refillable cup if you choose for them to use the water cooler.
  • Uniform shirts are required.  Uniform t-shirts are $7.00 each / Uniform Polo shirts are $9.00 and can be purchased in the office.
  • Tuition is due on the first of the month.  Late fees will be assessed on the 5th of the month, which is $25.00.
  • Please see Parent / Child Handbook for all additional information.
  • If your child is in our Pre-Kindergarten / VPK program, please see the “Know Your Child Care Facility” Brochure and “The Flu” A Guide for Parents / Influenza Virus Brochure.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to stop in the office.  You may also call us at 727-934-3028 or email wokmontessori@gmail.com if you are unable to stop in during business hours.




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