WOK Fundraisers

How can you help your school WOK?

There are several fundraisers and school functions throughout the year in which you can support your school WOK!

  • Box Top Education
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Bake Sales
  • Recycling


You see the labels on the side of your soups, cereal boxes, yogurts etc. Once you start looking, you’ll see these little pink coupons everywhere! Each label that is cut, saved and provided to WOK  in the front office gives back $.10 to our school! We can earn up to $20,000 for the yeBox-Tops-300x295ar. That would be a tremedous help to our school! Help WOK and collect these for your school. 

Participating Products

Hanes  –  Betty Crocker – Hefty EZ Foil – Reynolds – Gold Medal – General Mills cereal – Ziploc – Green Giant – Pillsbury- Yoplait -Old El Paso – Totino’s – Progresso – Helper – Cottonelle – Kleenex – Scott – Alpine Lace – Horizon Organic Milk – Land O’ Lakes – Avery – Boise – Hi-Liter – Marks-A-Lot – Hefty





Paper Products – WOK also recycles paper products! The second dumpster on the side of the building collects any type of paper items, i.e. cardboard, newspapers, scrap paper, junk mail, phone books, etc.


Office Equipment – WOK also recycles old or used ink cartridges, cell phones and other small electronics! We have a box available in the office for drop offs.  This is a on-going fundraiser!  Please look in your home office for any of the following items:  (Inkjet cardridges – used or old, Cell Phones / Pagers and Accessories, GPS / Radar Detectors, Smart Watches, Calculators, eBook Readers, iPods / MP3 Players, Digital / Video Cameras, PDA’s, iPads / Tablets, Video Game Consoles / handhelds, Video Games & Accessories).  Visit Planet Green Recycling for more information.



Recycle Markers – WOK also recycles old or used markers, any brand.  We want to teach our children the importance of recycling.  We have a box available in the art room for any unwanted markers that you might have lying around.  Once the box is full, we will mail it in!  Help us teach our children the importance of saving the environment.  Visit Crayola for more information.



Kids can make a difference and our lower elementary learns that together the students can help other families and children in need by simply collecting the pop tops from their soda cans.
We at WOK also believe in this cause and ask all families and friends of our WOK community to join efforts. Bring your pop tops to the front office! Let’s make a difference ! 🙂  Visit Ronald McDonald House Charities for more information.


Lets teach our kids to take care of the earth!




Bake Sale – Keep your eyes open for our semi-annual bake sales.  Cost is .50 cents – $1.00 depending on the item.  If you would like to provide a baked good for the event, please let the office know!

All proceeds help support WOK!



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